June 7 – 16, 2024Duran DurAntony & Cleopatra

PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME NOW! Are you feeling HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF for one of Shakespeare’s most NOTORIOUS tragedies, Antony & Cleopatra — combined with the music of 80’s WILD BOYS, Duran Duran?

Watch the Troubies COME UNDONE as they tell the twisted tale of love, lust, and sharp objects where the RIO GRANDE becomes the Nile in Troubadour Theater Company’s Duran DurAntony & Cleopatra!

So, make it a REFLEX to get your tickets to see Shakespearian GIRLS ON SAND. And SAY A PRAYER that you’ll be safe from the UNION OF THE SNAKE in your ringside seat with a VIEW TO A KILL — because when the Troubies take the stage it’s a NEW RELIGION and sure to be no ORDINARY WORLD!

Colony Theatre, 555 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502, tel: (818) 558-7000

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Troubadour Theater is a company of performers, musicians, and writers dedicated to the revitalization and deconstruction of theatre as we know it.

Employing the theories of Shakespeare, Brecht, and Commedia delle Arte, the company strives to entertain always, educate sometimes, and take itself too seriously never.